Management Consulting

A fast path to market.  Key decisions in rapidly growing energy markets. Understanding new supply chains, new requirements and new opportunities. Positioning for long term success.

Implementing Technology

The fastest growing energy market in the world needs technologies and services now. Taking emerging and proven technology from around the world and positioning them to win in the US market.

Energy Launch Partners

Positioning to Win

At Energy Launch Partners it’s about understanding the difference between what works and what works commercially. It is about finding trends and setting trends that make markets. It’s about understanding and participating in fast growing clean tech opportunities. We use deep technical and market knowledge to unearth opportunities, make key connections, find the best path, the best people the best partners and help to build commercially successful business. From analysis to strategic advice, from technical advocacy to funding and launch ELP can help you make sense and profit in these fast moving markets.

There are no good decisions, just outcomes of good decision processes.


Response to a Recent Article on Biomass Subsidies

In a recent BBC Article the issues of Biomass for European electricity was again raised. The concept of “millions of tonnes of wood were being shipped from the USA to help meet Britain’s renewables targets.” Yes the technical argument will go on as to the relative carbon benefits of trees. Are they carbon neutral, are [...]

Langdale Fuels Opens CNG Station in Valdosta, GA

Energy Launch Partners is pleased to announce the success of our partners The Langdale Company in opening the first CNG station in South Georgia this month. Built and maintained by Langdale Fuel, and affiliate of The Langdale Company, the new station is the first of five CNG stations awarded contracts to go into service under [...]