Mantex US initiates North American operations based in Savannah, GA

on Jun 09 in News posted by chandlerelp

Mantex AB, the Swedish Cleantech company of the year, and manufacturer of world leading multi energy x-ray sensor systems, has set up its first direct US operations based in Savannah GA.

Mantex technology allows users, in real time, to see the key value components of organic materials. With a focus on the pulp and paper and biomass to energy markets, Mantex worked with Energy Launch Partners, to build its US business. “Our products and technology can provide tremendous value for the forest and agricultural industry. We can finally help our clients measure dry content, contaminates and dry mass flow. Finally they can understand what they buy or sell or feed into their process. They can optimize production yield, increase production and minimize energy consumption,” states Mantex AB’s CEO Erik Oden.  Oden quotes a great Swedish example that will assist local clients  “Just as we have proven in Sweden, US Pulp mills can finally have what they have always wanted, accurate and robust, real time measurement of digester dry mass flow feed to increase profits and stabilize their systems.”

“The United States was a great place to base Mantex” said Ross Harding Managing Partner at Energy Launch Partners, “a health and growing market for forestry products, excellent infrastructure, a business friendly environment and a large established Pulp and Paper and growing Bioenergy market. All these large scale industries are looking to new technology innovations to put them ahead of their global competition. Combine that with world leading partners such Georgia Tech Savannah, where Mantex placed its first US support lab.”

Mantex has been pleased that the first US commercial client is another major new clean tech business, GA Biomass, who has built the world’s largest wood pellet facility in Waycross GA.

“We are very optimistic with the opportunity in the US, and now with a local support and service company, we will be actively expanding the US business” said Harding and Oden. Process optimization is critical to success and innovative and disruptive technologies like the Mantex systems, gives companies new tools they need to be world class competitors.