Blog Post: GFA Wise Owl Award

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On our bookshelf at the Energy Launch Partners office in Savannah, sits a wooden owl.  Last night our managing partner at ELP watched a similar owl be presented to the University of Georgia’s own Dr. Dale Greene.  What visitors to our office may not know is that this decoration is not patronage to an odd or particular branch of ornithology, rather, a high honor awarded by the Georgia Forestry Association.

The Wise Owl Award is presented annually to the member that has made the most significant contributions to Georgia Forestry.  The recipient is nominated by fellow GFA members for making forestry better for Georgia’s forest landowners and businesses- it is considered the very highest honor in the Georgia Forestry Association. Considering that forestry is responsible for $20 billion in resources for the state, these exemplary protectors of our assets play a huge role in the state’s economy.  When you also pay credence to the developing biomass industry in Georgia, the role becomes all the more important. I urge everyone that sees Dr. Greene in the next few months to give him a pat on the back.

Dr. Dale Greene is the Professor of Forest Operations at UGA’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.  With over 20 years of experience as a professor of forestry, he has groomed some of the most impactful figures in the industry.  He is known for his high expectations in the classroom which have significantly contributed to the success of his students.  Former students of his were present at the award ceremony to witness him receive this honor. It is obvious that these students are the true inspirations for Dr. Greene’s amazing work.

Coincidentally, the reason we have our very own Wise Owl Award in the office is that the same honor was given my grandfather, Bill Binns, in 1994.  My grandfather was the head of Public Affairs and Relations for Union Camp and lived most of his adult life singing the praises of the forestry industry in Georgia.  Needless to say, I knew the slogans “Georgia- We Grow Trees” and “Trees are Renewable” at a very young age.  He would be extremely proud to see the recent developments in biomass and even clean technology that will impact the pulp industry that I have gotten to witness in my first few months with Energy Launch Partners. I am sure he would have been very honored to be at this year’s annual meeting and would have liked to shake Dr. Greene’s hand for a job well done and an honor well deserved.

Energy Launch Partners commends Dr. Dale Greene for the impact he has made in forestry, biomass, and Georgia’s Economy. We also thank the GFA for the role it plays in protecting the state’s vast natural resources.


Dr. Greene (center) accepting the Wise Owl, surrounded by his students.

by: Chandler Case