Langdale Fuels Opens CNG Station in Valdosta, GA

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Energy Launch Partners is pleased to announce the success of our partners The Langdale Company in opening the first CNG station in South Georgia this month.

Built and maintained by Langdale Fuel, and affiliate of The Langdale Company, the new station is the first of five CNG stations awarded contracts to go into service under the Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) CNG Program- a Georgia PSC approved initiative to encourage private investment in compressed natural gas infrastructure. The station will offer public access to CNG fuel for transportation vehicles, adding two fueling islands to the company’s existing service station located at 1628 James P. Rogers Drive.  The two fast fill dispensers will be able to service anything from passenger vehicles to large over the road trucks.

Energy Launch has been working with the Langdale Company for over a year on the development, business case analysis, submission and implementation of this CNG station. Our congratulations to AGL and The Langdale Company and the support of the GA PSC that have made this project possible.

AGL Press Release

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