Response to a Recent Article on Biomass Subsidies

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In a recent BBC Article the issues of Biomass for European electricity was again raised. The concept of “millions of tonnes of wood were being shipped from the USA to help meet Britain’s renewables targets.”
Yes the technical argument will go on as to the relative carbon benefits of trees. Are they carbon neutral, are they partially neutral, are they better that solar, are there no benefits at all?
I think this is a healthy discussion. European (and in this case British) taxpayers who believe that atmospheric carbon dioxide is a real and present threat to our world and especially it’s climate, are determined to do something about it, and are willing to pay for that solution through subsidies.
It is easy to see this discussion in US political and social terms – I think it is a different discussion. What the British public want is value for money. They want carbon reductions and the question they are asking is if US sourced biomass (pellets) given them this benefit.
The challenge for the US forest industry is to ensure that the positive story of a well run and sustainable industry focused on giving it’s customers what they want to pay for is well told and well understood.

Langdale Fuels Opens CNG Station in Valdosta, GA

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Energy Launch Partners is pleased to announce the success of our partners The Langdale Company in opening the first CNG station in South Georgia this month.

Built and maintained by Langdale Fuel, and affiliate of The Langdale Company, the new station is the first of five CNG stations awarded contracts to go into service under the Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) CNG Program- a Georgia PSC approved initiative to encourage private investment in compressed natural gas infrastructure. The station will offer public access to CNG fuel for transportation vehicles, adding two fueling islands to the company’s existing service station located at 1628 James P. Rogers Drive.  The two fast fill dispensers will be able to service anything from passenger vehicles to large over the road trucks.

Energy Launch has been working with the Langdale Company for over a year on the development, business case analysis, submission and implementation of this CNG station. Our congratulations to AGL and The Langdale Company and the support of the GA PSC that have made this project possible.

AGL Press Release

Wall Street Journal Article

Alternative Fueled Vehicles Roadshow Plans Stops in Macon and Savannah

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After stops in Buckhead, Winder, Statesboro, and Saint Simons, the Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow has announced that it will be extending it’s tour into Savannah and Macon.  Register for the chance to get an in depth discussion on alternative fueled vehicles- from natural gas, to electric, to bio-fuel powered engines. Energy Launch Partners has been actively engaged in researching the opportunities involved in alternative fueling and we support the roadshow for educating people on the variety of ways to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases generated by transportation.  Dates of the show are:

June 25- Macon

June 26- Savannah

Details can be found on the event invitation here.

Langdales Successful in Obtaining a Grant for a CNG Fueling Station

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Congratulations to The Langdale Company for being awarded funding for a CNG station in Valdosta, GA. They were one of 9 companies to receive the award under Atlanta Gas Light’s (AGL) program to promote CNG infrastructure within Georgia.  Energy Launch Partners is proud to have supported The Langdale Company in the development, submission, and successful awarding of the grant. We believe that CNG will be a strategic transportation fuel in the near future and are excited to witness its growth.  For more information, read AGL’s official Press Release.

Morrison Honored with Savannah Tech’s Opportunity Award

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Energy Launch Partners is thrilled to announce that our own Managing partner, Howard Morrison, received recognition from Savannah Tech at their annual Opportunity Awards Gala on December 2. Among his many achievements, Howard’s 30 year banking career, involvement in establishing the Creative Coast Alliance and the Georgia Tech Savannah Campus, and his recent role as co-founder and chairman of the Savannah Ocean Exchange were examples of the impact that he makes on our community. Read More

Harding speaks to SAFER Alliance

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Acting on his role of P2E Coalition co-chairman, Ross Harding spoke at a Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources (SAFER) Alliance Southern Bioenergy Networks meeting. Read More

Langdales select Energy Launch Partners

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The Langdale Companies are working with Energy Launch Partners to help position themselves for a strong future.

Energy Launch Partners Sponsors the UGA Warnell School Golf Tournament

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Energy Launch Partners is pleased to announce that we will be one of the corporate sponsors of the 3rd Annual Warnell Benefit Golf Tournament.  The tournament was started in 2009 to raise funds for the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Last year, the tournament raised nearly $80,000 for the Warnell School. The tournament will be held November 11 at The Georgia Club, with registration beginning at 9am. For more instructions, please click here.

Gridquant Inc. launches US based business.

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Energy Launch Partners along with Groupo AIA from Barcelona, Spain have partnered to launch Gridquant Inc. This breakthrough company will be based in Georgia.  Using a new patented Holomorphic Embedded Load-flow Method (HELM) that can dramatically change the face of the transmission grid, Gridquant promises to change the way you view the “smart grid”.

Mantex US Receives Press Attention in Bioenergy Insight Magazine

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The acclaimed Bioenergy Insight Magazine recently gave some press attention to Mantex US and its operations in Georgia.  The story was run in the July 2011 issue. Read More