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Harding attends Solar Tour on SAM Shortline

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Energy Launch Partners had a presence at the Solar Tour on the SAM Shortline this month when our very own Ross Harding boarded the train this morning.  The event is a “Rolling Symposium on Solar Power and its Application in Georgia”.  The day was full of informative sessions on solar energy as well as other alternative energy options. Read More

Harding to Present at the NDIA-Georgia’s Forum on the Military’s Involvement with Alternative Energy

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Can the military find the answer to alternative energy?

Business Week in 2009- “A new approach to energy is a “strategic imperative” for the U.S. military and the nation as a whole”, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an energy security forum sponsored by the Department of Defense. Oct. 14, 2010

A summary overview of alternative and renewal energies will provided by an internationally known and national energy expert, Ross Harding. Read More

Ron Barmore to become Managing Partner in Energy Launch Developments

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Ron Barmore will become a Managing Partner in Energy Launch Developments LLC, a new Lansera Group LLC company, that will focus on biomass and waste based energy development projects including combined heat and power (CH&P), waste heat recovery and moisture management systems.

Ron was graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a major in Accounting. Ron has spent the majority of his career managing the development of projects in the alternative energy field, primarily in the waste-to-energy industry (municipal solid waste to power). Most recently he spent six years as the senior executive in charge of business development efforts for Barlow Projects, Inc. His career also includes five years with ABB Resource Recovery Systems as a Regional Manager of Business Development. Ron began his career with one of the leaders in the waste-to-energy industry, Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in the alternative energy field.

Ron was the Director of Project Development for Range Fuels, Inc., which is developing the world’s first full-scale cellulose to ethanol facility. He led the company’s efforts in the siting, development and permitting of new projects and the sourcing of feedstock materials. In addition to his project development responsibilities, Ron represented Range Fuels, Inc. in a number of organizations and advocacy groups that were focused on the renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly development of the advanced biofuels industry.