Harding speaks to SAFER Alliance

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Acting on his role of P2E Coalition co-chairman, Ross Harding spoke at a Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources (SAFER) Alliance Southern Bioenergy Networks meeting. Read More

Mantex US Receives Press Attention in Bioenergy Insight Magazine

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The acclaimed Bioenergy Insight Magazine recently gave some press attention to Mantex US and its operations in Georgia.  The story was run in the July 2011 issue. Read More

Harding to Speak at the TAPPI BioPro Expo.

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Energy Launch Partners is very excited about the upcoming TAPPI  BioPro Expo. This year, our own Ross Harding will discuss the opportunities and threats that bioenergy could have on the pulp and paper industry. Read More

Harding to speak at World Bioenergy 2010 conference in Sweden

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On May 26, Harding will present “The Cost and Management of Moisture in the Biomass to Energy Supply Chain” at the World Bioenergy 2010 conference in Jonkoping, Sweden. This is the premier conference focusing on Combined Heat and Power, Pellets, Energy Crops and Liquid Fuels. Harding will also moderate the session on “Improved Energy Efficiency, Electricity Production and District Heating.”

Harding presents at 2nd German American Energy Conference in Berlin

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Setting  the conference tone, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy, Germany’s Federal Minister for Technology and Economics, Mr. Ranier Bruderle, and President Obama’s Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy Affairs, Mr . Richard Morningstar, will all speak to the long-term bilateral economic opportunities where energy is seen as a two-way trade opportunity, not the one-sided issue it has been over the last 50 years.

Mr. Harding will compare and contrast the 1850′s California gold rush with the current U.S. Bioenergy gold rush.  He will discuss the lessons learned for economic opportunities that single impact events can cause for long-term global impacts, including opportunities for U.S./European trade and development.

Plum Creek chooses Energy Launch Partners

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Plum Creek, the nation’s largest and most diverse private land owner, has chosen Energy Launch Partners to position it for even greater success in the growing bioenergy market.

Fuel in the Pines, Georgia’s Bright Future in Bioenergy

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Bioenergy experts are predicting that Georgia will play a leading role in the research and production of biofuels in the 21st century. And, Ross Harding, Managing Partner and founder of Energy Launch Partners LLC, predicts Georgia will be able to produce 20 percent of its fuel needs – about 1.6 billion gallons of ethanol a year – from forest resources.

The following is an excerpt from the Georgia Trend full article:

Georgia has mass quantities of biomass.  The 24 million acres of commercial forest (second only to Oregon) are just the beginning. There is copious farmland to grow crops for fuel or food or both; tons of wood debris, paper pulp, grass; about a billion pounds of chicken fat and grease from the poultry processing industry (a key biodiesel feedstock), and at least one power plant producing electricity from chicken litter.