Response to a Recent Article on Biomass Subsidies

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In a recent BBC Article the issues of Biomass for European electricity was again raised. The concept of “millions of tonnes of wood were being shipped from the USA to help meet Britain’s renewables targets.”
Yes the technical argument will go on as to the relative carbon benefits of trees. Are they carbon neutral, are they partially neutral, are they better that solar, are there no benefits at all?
I think this is a healthy discussion. European (and in this case British) taxpayers who believe that atmospheric carbon dioxide is a real and present threat to our world and especially it’s climate, are determined to do something about it, and are willing to pay for that solution through subsidies.
It is easy to see this discussion in US political and social terms – I think it is a different discussion. What the British public want is value for money. They want carbon reductions and the question they are asking is if US sourced biomass (pellets) given them this benefit.
The challenge for the US forest industry is to ensure that the positive story of a well run and sustainable industry focused on giving it’s customers what they want to pay for is well told and well understood.

Harding Announced as New Pine 2 Energy Co-Chair

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We are pleased to announce that our managing partner, Ross Harding has been selected to succeed Dean Alford as the Pine 2 Energy (P2E) Coalition Co-Chair.

The Pine 2 Energy Coalition includes forest and farm landowners and businesses, foresters, universities, environmental and conservation organizations, investors, energy developers, government agencies and other individuals and companies working to promote and expand the development of pine biomass to energy.  The Coalition supports utilizing sustainable technology to produce electricity, ethanol, industrial heat, wood pellets and other forms of energy from pine biomass.

Pine 2 Energy is a diverse group of Georgia-based companies and organizations who take pride in Georgia ’s abundance of forests and other natural resources.  The Coalition focuses on pine because of its prevalence in Georgia and the opportunity for Georgians to grow, consume, and otherwise benefit from their stewardship of these pine forests.

At meetings, members discuss key issues surrounding the industry.  Ross has recently been very instrumental in lining up speakers for meetings- including Georgia Congressman John Barrow.  We are certain that Ross’s expertise on the biomass and clean tech industry will prove to be a valuable asset to the P2E group, and we look forward to see what great things will result from this organization.


Harding attends GFA annual meeting

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ELP managing partner, Ross Harding, attended this year’s Georgia Forestry Commission annual meeting. The GFA is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the United States. Read More

Harding moderates session at Southeast Biomass Conference

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At the Southeast Biomass Conference in Atlanta, Georgia; Ross Harding will moderate the key session “Optimizing Regional Crops to feed the Growing Biomass Derived Southeast Markets” on November 2, 2010.

Harding to speak at World Bioenergy 2010 conference in Sweden

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On May 26, Harding will present “The Cost and Management of Moisture in the Biomass to Energy Supply Chain” at the World Bioenergy 2010 conference in Jonkoping, Sweden. This is the premier conference focusing on Combined Heat and Power, Pellets, Energy Crops and Liquid Fuels. Harding will also moderate the session on “Improved Energy Efficiency, Electricity Production and District Heating.”

Mantex chooses Energy Launch Partners

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Mantex, the Swedish Cleantech Company of the Year, has announced a strategic partnership with Energy Launch Partners to bring its world leading moisture measurement technology to North America. Mantex grew from technology originally designed to measure bone density in the human body. That same technology was adapted to measure moisture and impurities in biomass and other organic materials. The most expensive water in the world is delivered in biomass. Mantex technology both batch and continuous allows you to “go inside” and uncover the real value. Contact Energy Launch Partners for more information and to arrange a product demonstration.

Ron Barmore to become Managing Partner in Energy Launch Developments

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Ron Barmore will become a Managing Partner in Energy Launch Developments LLC, a new Lansera Group LLC company, that will focus on biomass and waste based energy development projects including combined heat and power (CH&P), waste heat recovery and moisture management systems.

Ron was graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a major in Accounting. Ron has spent the majority of his career managing the development of projects in the alternative energy field, primarily in the waste-to-energy industry (municipal solid waste to power). Most recently he spent six years as the senior executive in charge of business development efforts for Barlow Projects, Inc. His career also includes five years with ABB Resource Recovery Systems as a Regional Manager of Business Development. Ron began his career with one of the leaders in the waste-to-energy industry, Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in the alternative energy field.

Ron was the Director of Project Development for Range Fuels, Inc., which is developing the world’s first full-scale cellulose to ethanol facility. He led the company’s efforts in the siting, development and permitting of new projects and the sourcing of feedstock materials. In addition to his project development responsibilities, Ron represented Range Fuels, Inc. in a number of organizations and advocacy groups that were focused on the renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly development of the advanced biofuels industry.

Nee Smith Timber chooses Energy Launch Partners

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Nee Smith Timber, a premier procurement and logging company, has chosen Energy Launch Partners to showcase and develop their leading solutions for cost-effective biomass-to-energy supply.