Harding Announced as New Pine 2 Energy Co-Chair

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We are pleased to announce that our managing partner, Ross Harding has been selected to succeed Dean Alford as the Pine 2 Energy (P2E) Coalition Co-Chair.

The Pine 2 Energy Coalition includes forest and farm landowners and businesses, foresters, universities, environmental and conservation organizations, investors, energy developers, government agencies and other individuals and companies working to promote and expand the development of pine biomass to energy.  The Coalition supports utilizing sustainable technology to produce electricity, ethanol, industrial heat, wood pellets and other forms of energy from pine biomass.

Pine 2 Energy is a diverse group of Georgia-based companies and organizations who take pride in Georgia ’s abundance of forests and other natural resources.  The Coalition focuses on pine because of its prevalence in Georgia and the opportunity for Georgians to grow, consume, and otherwise benefit from their stewardship of these pine forests.

At meetings, members discuss key issues surrounding the industry.  Ross has recently been very instrumental in lining up speakers for meetings- including Georgia Congressman John Barrow.  We are certain that Ross’s expertise on the biomass and clean tech industry will prove to be a valuable asset to the P2E group, and we look forward to see what great things will result from this organization.


Harding Addresses Energy and the Economy for Emory Students

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Ross Harding to speak at Emory University on “Energy, Competitiveness and Politics – No Easy Path for the US.” As a guest lecturer he will facilitate a discussion with the economics, environment and resources undergraduates. While presenting the global issues associated with the move to a more energy constrained economy, Ross will point out that “…energy markets have always been and will always be, fertile ground for entrepreneurs.” The global move towards energy efficiency and alternates to fossil sources, creates entirely new supply chains. It is the gaps and breaks, the unsolved problems within these new supply chains that presents new economic opportunities.

Harding Addresses the Energy Future for Warner Robins

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The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Business Development Committee, chaired by Mike Hogan, will host the March Robins Regional Business Forum on Friday, March 4, 2011 at 12:00 noon at the Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Harding to Present at the NDIA-Georgia’s Forum on the Military’s Involvement with Alternative Energy

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Can the military find the answer to alternative energy?

Business Week in 2009- “A new approach to energy is a “strategic imperative” for the U.S. military and the nation as a whole”, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an energy security forum sponsored by the Department of Defense. Oct. 14, 2010

A summary overview of alternative and renewal energies will provided by an internationally known and national energy expert, Ross Harding. Read More

EleQuant partners with Energy Launch

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EleQuant brings advanced, software-based, custom algorithms to the increasingly complex task of grid management. Improvement of grid performance offers significant economic and environmental advantages. Smart Grids are not so smart after all.

EleQuant has developed new technology for real-time intelligent observation and management of electricity flow. Public and private power companies use the company’s solutions to dramatically improve efficiency of electricity generation, transmission and distribution.

EleQuant’s Agora product suite, unlike the industry-standard solutions based on Newton-Raphson algorithms, employs non-iterative mathematics to arrive at correct solutions nearly 100% of the time – even as systems approach collapse. The result is a set of tools so robust they will keep you informed of the precise state of your network, even under the most difficult circumstances.

EleQuant is a subsidiary of AIA Group. Founded in 1988 and based in Barcelona, Spain, AIA Group is a technology and software development company that specializes in solving complex problems for the telecommunications, banking and energy industries. The company employs more than 100 physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, electrical and telecommunication engineers.

EleQuant’s Agora partners with Energy Launch

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EleQuant brings advanced, software-based, custom algorithms to the increasingly complex task of grid management. Improvement of grid performance offers significant economic and environmental advantages. Smart Grids are not so smart after all. Read More

Harding to speak at World Bioenergy 2010 conference in Sweden

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On May 26, Harding will present “The Cost and Management of Moisture in the Biomass to Energy Supply Chain” at the World Bioenergy 2010 conference in Jonkoping, Sweden. This is the premier conference focusing on Combined Heat and Power, Pellets, Energy Crops and Liquid Fuels. Harding will also moderate the session on “Improved Energy Efficiency, Electricity Production and District Heating.”

P2i chooses Energy Launch Partners

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Energy Launch Partners has been chosen to develop P2i‘s unique business proposition for the solar energy sector. P2i is the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology.

P2i’s revolutionary plasma process dramatically reduces the surface energy of a material, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. When applied to solar cells, P2i’s multi-patented technology can prevent water, frost and dirt from forming on the surface, radically improving performance. Furthermore, it is extremely durable and has the potential to extend the range of environments in which solar cell arrays can be deployed.

P2i’s nanometer-thin polymer coating is applied in a vacuum chamber using a special pulsed ionized gas (plasma). It is molecularly bound to the entire product surface, which means it becomes inseparable from it and extremely durable. And, because the coating is one thousand times thinner than a human hair, it is invisible to sight or touch. And, because the application process is solvent-free and uses only tiny quantities of protective monomer, there is minimal waste and no adverse impact on the environment. In addition, P2i’s highly flexible platform technology can be optimized to meet very specific functional requirements, making this a perfect fit for the complex demands of the solar energy industry.

Ross Harding, Managing Partner and Founder of Energy Launch Partners, comments: “P2i’s ground-breaking technology has vast applications in the solar energy sector. Renewable energy is a growing market like no other, with constantly evolving product needs, supply chains and customer requirements. We are hugely enthusiastic about our new partnership with P2i and the opportunities it presents.”

Stephen Coulson, Chief Technical Officer at P2i, said: “Following on from our recent successes in the consumer electronics market, P2i’s nano-coating technology promises to have the same game-changing impact on the solar energy sector. Unrivaled in its performance enhancing characteristics and flexibility, our technology delivers clearly defined benefits and a competitive edge for manufacturers. Through our collaboration with Energy Launch Partners, we are in a strong position to maximize the success of our launch into the solar energy market.”