Harding speaks to SAFER Alliance

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Acting on his role of P2E Coalition co-chairman, Ross Harding spoke at a Southeast Agriculture & Forest Energy Resources (SAFER) Alliance Southern Bioenergy Networks meeting. Read More

Harding Announced as New Pine 2 Energy Co-Chair

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We are pleased to announce that our managing partner, Ross Harding has been selected to succeed Dean Alford as the Pine 2 Energy (P2E) Coalition Co-Chair.

The Pine 2 Energy Coalition includes forest and farm landowners and businesses, foresters, universities, environmental and conservation organizations, investors, energy developers, government agencies and other individuals and companies working to promote and expand the development of pine biomass to energy.  The Coalition supports utilizing sustainable technology to produce electricity, ethanol, industrial heat, wood pellets and other forms of energy from pine biomass.

Pine 2 Energy is a diverse group of Georgia-based companies and organizations who take pride in Georgia ’s abundance of forests and other natural resources.  The Coalition focuses on pine because of its prevalence in Georgia and the opportunity for Georgians to grow, consume, and otherwise benefit from their stewardship of these pine forests.

At meetings, members discuss key issues surrounding the industry.  Ross has recently been very instrumental in lining up speakers for meetings- including Georgia Congressman John Barrow.  We are certain that Ross’s expertise on the biomass and clean tech industry will prove to be a valuable asset to the P2E group, and we look forward to see what great things will result from this organization.


Harding attends Solar Tour on SAM Shortline

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Energy Launch Partners had a presence at the Solar Tour on the SAM Shortline this month when our very own Ross Harding boarded the train this morning.  The event is a “Rolling Symposium on Solar Power and its Application in Georgia”.  The day was full of informative sessions on solar energy as well as other alternative energy options. Read More

Harding attends GFA annual meeting

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ELP managing partner, Ross Harding, attended this year’s Georgia Forestry Commission annual meeting. The GFA is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the United States. Read More

Harding presents to the IGEL class of 2011 participates

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On July 13, 2011, Energy Launch Partners’ Managing Partner Ross Harding presented to the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership class of 2011 participants. IGEL offers many viewpoints, perspectives and information about the environment.  This session was constructed to give the participants the opportunity to sort through often conflicting points of view and suggest solutions. Read More

Harding Addresses Energy and the Economy for Emory Students

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Ross Harding to speak at Emory University on “Energy, Competitiveness and Politics – No Easy Path for the US.” As a guest lecturer he will facilitate a discussion with the economics, environment and resources undergraduates. While presenting the global issues associated with the move to a more energy constrained economy, Ross will point out that “…energy markets have always been and will always be, fertile ground for entrepreneurs.” The global move towards energy efficiency and alternates to fossil sources, creates entirely new supply chains. It is the gaps and breaks, the unsolved problems within these new supply chains that presents new economic opportunities.

Energy Launch Partners Represented in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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During the 2011 Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Ross Harding of Energy Launch Partners will be driving Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols in a 1999 Honda Civic GX that is run on natural gas.  Dubbed the “Greenest Car in America”, the Civic has a range of 215 miles and gets 35 mpg.  ELP is excited about having one of our own in the parade!

Harding to Speak at the TAPPI BioPro Expo.

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Energy Launch Partners is very excited about the upcoming TAPPI  BioPro Expo. This year, our own Ross Harding will discuss the opportunities and threats that bioenergy could have on the pulp and paper industry. Read More

Harding Addresses the Energy Future for Warner Robins

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The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Business Development Committee, chaired by Mike Hogan, will host the March Robins Regional Business Forum on Friday, March 4, 2011 at 12:00 noon at the Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Harding to Present at the NDIA-Georgia’s Forum on the Military’s Involvement with Alternative Energy

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Can the military find the answer to alternative energy?

Business Week in 2009- “A new approach to energy is a “strategic imperative” for the U.S. military and the nation as a whole”, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an energy security forum sponsored by the Department of Defense. Oct. 14, 2010

A summary overview of alternative and renewal energies will provided by an internationally known and national energy expert, Ross Harding. Read More