Mantex US Receives Press Attention in Bioenergy Insight Magazine

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The acclaimed Bioenergy Insight Magazine recently gave some press attention to Mantex US and its operations in Georgia.  The story was run in the July 2011 issue. Read More

Harding presents to the IGEL class of 2011 participates

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On July 13, 2011, Energy Launch Partners’ Managing Partner Ross Harding presented to the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership class of 2011 participants. IGEL offers many viewpoints, perspectives and information about the environment.  This session was constructed to give the participants the opportunity to sort through often conflicting points of view and suggest solutions. Read More

Mantex Grabs 20 Million Sek for Expansion

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The fast-growing environmental technology company Mantex has secured more than 20 million for continued expansion. Energymyndigheten, VC STING Capital, the German energy giant RWE, and the founders and employees of the company are behind the financing. Mantex has developed a pioneering method for non-contact rapid measurement of moisture content and other important characteristics of organic matter. Read More

Cleantech Rocket Mantex visited by Maud Olofsson

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On Thursday, December 16, the minister of Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson visited the fast-growing environmental technology company Mantex . The Minister visit was initiated by the Swedish Trade Council, who wanted to show off Mantex as a good example of how they are helping Swedish environmental technology companies to establish themselves in the international market. Read More

Mantex scheduled to release new scanner at TAPPI PEERS Conference

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Erik Oden, CEO of Mantex Sweden, is scheduled to unveil their newest advances in the moisture and contaminate measurements technology.  On October 18, 2010, Mantex will showcase their Desk Top Moisture and Contaminates Scanner at the TAPPI PEERS Conference in Norfolk, Virginia.

Mantex chooses Energy Launch Partners

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Mantex, the Swedish Cleantech Company of the Year, has announced a strategic partnership with Energy Launch Partners to bring its world leading moisture measurement technology to North America. Mantex grew from technology originally designed to measure bone density in the human body. That same technology was adapted to measure moisture and impurities in biomass and other organic materials. The most expensive water in the world is delivered in biomass. Mantex technology both batch and continuous allows you to “go inside” and uncover the real value. Contact Energy Launch Partners for more information and to arrange a product demonstration.