Smart Grid

Gridquant Inc. launches US based business.

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Energy Launch Partners along with Groupo AIA from Barcelona, Spain have partnered to launch Gridquant Inc. This breakthrough company will be based in Georgia. ¬†Using a new patented Holomorphic Embedded Load-flow Method (HELM) that can dramatically change the face of the transmission grid, Gridquant promises to change the way you view the “smart grid”.

EleQuant Brings Together World Experts in Smart Grid

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Ross Harding, acting CEO of EleQuant, is attending the Meeting of Experts in Electrical Power Systems in Emergency or Restoration hosted by CFE and CENACE in Merida, Mexico. The speaker and users of the EleQuant Smart Grid products from the US, Russia, Mexico and Spain are discussing best practices in grid management. EleQuant allows planners, managers and operators to visualize accurate data, in real time, and provide training and guidance for optimum operations under normal and disturbed conditions. EleQuant allows the operators to achieve maximum customer service and maximum return on investment.